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As a marketeer and personal branding photographer, I create beautiful pictures that align your personal branding and show you as the authentic and powerful woman you are.

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Joke Houbraken, photographer
Shari Peeters testimonial by Ans Photography

We had a bit of a unique request for Joke:
A group of 6 female entrepreneurs – each of us with our own branding, style and preferences – for a personal branding photo shoot on one day – one location, .. 

Joke managed to not only give each of us a unique and personal look & feel, but she also made us feel comfortable. We had the best time during the photo shoot (and after!) and I’m so pleased with the way she captured my personality into these pictures…

It really represents my brand in such a nice and authentic way.
I really loved working with Joke. Looking forward to our annual Personal brand photo shoot!

Shari Peeters

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Personal branding photoshoot

With a background of 10 years in marketing I translate your branding into powerful pictures that show the authentic you, to make your unique vibes and your business visible. 

Start communicating a professional image and build your online branding.

I promise you, it’s wonderful when your ideal clients find you with ease.. 

Do you want that as well? 

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Event photography

I started shooting events years ago, every time my former employers organized gala parties and introductory sessions. And I loved it. 

Since then, I have been shooting at team buildings, conferences, formal & informal parties, at openings of boutiques, and much more

Spontaneous pictures of your event, of course you want that! 

And, do you also want pictures that you can re-use for promoting next eventsThen I’m your (wo)man!

Sabine Janssens by Ans Photography

Looking for an original photo experience? Knock on the door of Ans Photography.

Business pictures shouldn’t be boring. It’s about being yourself. Giving styling & color feedback, looking at every detail that matters.

She succeeds in framing you the way you are, with your natural flavors. I really would recommend Joke if you’re looking for a professional photoshoot, with lots of fun and great outcomes.

Sabine Janssens


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